Harley Qwednesday :: The 'eyes' have it

Running a weekly Harley Quinn themed party like I do, I run across or am pointed towards a lot of great Harley Quinn Cosplay. I especially enjoy it when someone is able to either look exacly like the cartoon Harley Quinn come to beautiful life (Elise Archer and Tara Strand) or when someone brings something totally unique to the table (like the NSFR Veidt.com photoshoots and Rule 63 Harley Quinn.)

The beautiful Russian Ryoko-demon does both:

Not only is Ryoko-demon's classic Harley Quinn costume absolutely flawless, but LOOK AT THOSE EYES! They are the perfect shade of maniacal blue and give her a soul piercing quality that is absolutely perfect for representing the crazy Miss Quinzel.

I asked Miss Ryoko-demon to tell us a little about her Harley Quinn:

"I always liked circus and doll themes. And many people asked me to make a cosplay of Harley Quinn. The best of this character for me is her naive and blind love to Joker. After all I'm seeking a romantic side in each of my characters. Trying on this look, you automatically cheer yourself up, you can laugh, grimace and thus not to feel silly. I hope to turn my attention back to Harley soon as I'm going to make some more of her costumes."

We hope so too, Ryoko-demon, because two pictures of your awesome version of Harley Quinn just aren't enough!

In the meantime, check out some more of Ryoko-demon's cosplay in the images below, and be sure to check out her deviantArt, Facebook and Cosplay.com pages for more!

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