Legoland :: I Love New York

In addition to all the cool Star Wars displays, Legoland also has a bunch of real cities depicted in Lego form.

Probably the most impressive was New York City:

The scale, just like the real city, is immense and impressive.

Here's a shot to give you an idea of the size of these Lego skyscrapers. They are massive!

And not to be outdone by mere size, the detail in these cityscapes is just incredible. People, signs, vehicles, light posts, everything. It's amazing!

Many of these displays had moving components, like buses or cars that drove along the streets, and in this case, a dancing Santa and Reindeers drawing a crowd in front of this apartment complex.

Awesome stuff.

Stay tuned for more, including Las Vegas and New Orleans!


  1. Now this looks just too cool and i would be so tempted to act like King Kong and go on a rampage though there lol.

  2. LOL @ jboypacman, I was thinking the same thing!!!

    This place is really cool, it's definitely on one of my "MUST GO" places.

  3. Ha! JCee i was wondering who else was thinking that. : D

  4. I want to live in Lego New York!! It is waaay cooler than the actual city :D