Defend Themyscira!

I received the Lego Lex Luthor Power Suit set for Christmas and have yet to blog about it. It's an excellent set with an awesome Mech-suit for the Lex minifigure, and comes with a Superman and Wonder Woman mini-figure!

Lots of folks are finding it and blogging about it, so I may or may not get around to a Toyriffic review myself.

What I will do is show you what my Lego Wonder Woman has been up to after single-handedly serving Lex his walking papers (Superman was all but useless, considering the amount of Kryptonite firepower Lex's suit was packing.)

Wonder Woman is defending The Ruins of Athena from a Minotaur attack!

WW is armed with a shield from the Lego Knights set of many years ago, a sword from the Series 6 Highlander, and a helmet I have that I don't know where it came from. The Minotaur has his axe and doesn't stand a chance against the Amazonian Princess.


  1. I want to see the after picture of this with Wonder Women holding the Minotaur's head high after she cut it off. And you know she would do it lol.

  2. Oh my the lego wonder woman. Where is her spartan accessories?