Poisunday Ivy :: Uma

'Batman and Robin' was an abomination.

However it does mark the only time a live-action Poison Ivy has appeared on the silver screen, or even the television screen for that matter.

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises this summer even Bane will have more live action appearances than the alluring Miss Isley! Who would have ever thought that would happen?!?!

Uma Thurman is an attractive lady and a fine actress, yet 'Batman and Robin' made her look more like a plant themed drag queen than an alluring super villain.

I wonder what his/her drag queen name would be.

Tessa d'Salad, maybe?

I think Uma had about seventeen different costumes throughout the movie. I'm not going to watch it again to find out.

The eyebrow-leaves are just unnecessary, if they wanted her to be incognito they could have at least gone all out and gave her a domino mask or something.

This costume is okay, if the cape were gone and the hair a more natural shade of red.

Oh hai Bane.

What the hell is up with that hair?

Again, this would have been a fine look for the entire movie; but then the toy companies wouldn't have been able to release all those variant action figures of Poison Ivy in all her movie costumes. Wait, they didn't do that anyways.

Oh well, here's to Uma Thurman, I'm sure she was paid well for her role.


  1. Am with you here Bubba i thought that movie was terrible.

  2. I watched it this past fall and found myself enjoying it for the first time. I hated it the first 2 or 3 times I saw it, but it had been a long time and now it suddenly reminded me of the 60's tv series; all campy with bad puns and ridiculous characters. I know I'm crazy. But go out and buy that Target combo dvd with all four batman movies for 9.99.. you'll all be converted

    1. I actually have that four movie set. My kids watch this one on occasion and enjoy it, but I'm skeptical!