Harley Qwednesday :: The Quinn of a thousand faces.

Do you remember that Looney Tunes cartoon where the hat truck loses it's contents and Elmer and Bugs spend the entire cartoon switching personalities as different hats end up on their heads?

Well Harley remembers it! And it seems she's decided to take full advantage of the concept:

It's Wonder Harley, Amazonian Quinncess! "I'll strangle the truth outta' ya with my noose of truth! The truth or your last breath. One or the other, doesn't matter ta me."

Sherlock Quinn. "Another dead Robin? Sheesh, these things are everywhere! HEY WATSON, GETOVAHEA. And bring a mop, willya?!"

I wish they all could be Quinnafornian.  "I could really use some shark repellant right about now!"

Superquinn! "Up up and GTFO!"

Hot molls wearing Stormtrooper helmets. "I can't see $%#T in this thing!"

Edward G. Harleyquinn. "Myeah, see? Myeah myeah myeah, see, myeah!"

Quinn Beard. "Hoist the mizzen mast, weigh anchor, batten down the hatches! What'dya mean you already battened 'em down? Well batten 'em down again, we'll teach those hatches!"

Pharaoh Faucett. "I know the name doesn't have anything to do with 'Harley Quinn,' but ya gotta admit, it's a good pun!"

Napoleon Dynamite. "DON'T TOUCH MY TOTS!"

Robbin' Hoodlum. "Hey Green Arrow, let's play 'William Tell'...first stuff that apple down your pants..."

BatQuinn. "I am complacency, I am the overcast mid-morning, I'm the GeezFlippin' BatQuinn!"

Doc Harleyday. "I'm your Tom Sawyer. Get it? HAHAHAHA!"

Quinn Poncharelli. "'Miranda Wright?' Never heard of her. Now GETTOUTTATHECAR!"

Catquinn. "Here kittykittykitty."

Bob Rossquinn."I'm gonna paint a happy smile on this happy cloud THAT'S GONNA RAIN ALL OVER YOUR STUPID PARADE, BATSY! Now, where's my hair pick?"

The Fastest Quinn Alive. 'Outta the way! MEEP MEEP! HONK HONK! AHHHWOOOOOOOGA!'  


"Ooops...hehe...hey Catquinn, I think I just found your kitty!"

Well, what'dya think, fair reader? Which one is your favorite AlternaQuinn?


  1. These are all great but my favorite is the Super-Man one.

  2. Wow, I need to get some Lego, like, right now.

    BatQuinn is great.