Mattel goes Platinum

Had anyone told me they thought Mattel would make a DCUC version of Platinum of the Metal Men I would have bet them anything that they were wrong. I'd have said 'If Mattel makes a DCUC Platinum, I will eat my hat.'

And had that conversation occured, I'd be eating a hat right now.

Mattel has already released Iron, Mercury and Gold (as a gold-damned Walmart exclusive!) and although tempted by the awesomeness of the Metal Men in all their Silver Age glory, I never bought a single one of them. Because I swore Mattel would never complete the team by making Platinum. Yeah I know, they also had to make Tin and Lead to complete the team, but I know Mattel, and I figured they'd make Tin and even Lead LONG before they made Platinum (not at all) so what was the point.

Even though I am also convinced Mattel will never make Lead due to the irony of Mattel making a Lead based action figure. Get it? Hahaha! Anyone want to take me up on a bet?

Then Toy Fair 2012 and THIS happened:

Okay, I am partially vindicated that Mattel will not release Platinum at retail, opting instead to convince you that there is value to their STUPID subscription system by offering her online only as part of their Club Infinite Quality Control Issues Earths line, and maybe making some available on day of sale if you can get past their web store system which was designed on a Commodore 64.

So even though I hate MattyCollector.com and I have as many other Metal Men as I have faith in Mattel (read: zero), I will probably actually try to get Platinum when she goes on sale. Better Platinum (and companion piece Tin) and no other Metal Men than vice-versa, in my humble opinion.

Pics courtesy ActionFigurePics.com


  1. The Metal Men need to be sold in a box set dang it along with a bonus figure of Dr. Magnus.

    1. There was a pvc set of all the Metal Men and Magnus 8 years ago