Nananananananana Kooky Kan!

My good blogging buddy Reis from over at Geek Orthodox   Hey, Look at My Toys  Lair of the Dork Horde, while completely unable to commit to a blog name, does have some mad art skills and somehow managed to convince people to pay him to make awesome things!

Case in point: This awesome Batman Mixo Kooky Kan! Reis is working with Mixo to bring DC Superheroes, Monsters, Smurfs, Ghostbusters, Hello Kitty and more to life as fun metal containers with candy and a papercraft inside!

Reis sent me this Batman, who came with a papercraft Batmobile base that I built with ease the help of my nine year old daughter. Hey, my eyesight ain't what it used to be! ;)

Just kidding, the papercraft Batmobile was easy to build and is a super fun way to play/display my Batman Kooky Kan!

I look forward to owning more of these, and I hope the Kooky Kans are hugely successful and long lived - at least long enough for me to get a Robin and Batgirl Kooky Kan!

An Alfred Kooky Kan would be pretty sweet too. Just sayin'.

By the way, I am totally filling this thing up with snacks for my baby girl and keeping it in her diaper bag when she hits that age.

You are influencing the next generation of Geek Girl, Mr. O'Brien. Be proud!


  1. To kool! I mean Cool! lol. I love these and i want more of them too.

  2. Oh man! I AM proud, indeed! You have honored me and Mixo greatly, my friend!

    Enjoy him and I promise that Robin will be out soon and with any luck, a Batgirl by Christmas!

    Also, I swear that this is my last blog name change. I SWEAR! ;)

  3. Sweet! I want one. Where can I get these?

    1. I haven't seen them in stores yet - you'll have to ask Reis if they are available at retail already!

    2. I got mine at Southern Fried Comics. They are so fun! And I love that they have paper craft in them.