Poisunday Ivy :: Poison Ivy Animated

Although debuting way back in Batman #181 (June 1966,) Poison Ivy did not make her animated debut until Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 5 "Pretty Poison" which aired on September 14, 1992. Poison Ivy's initial animated designed was provided by artist Lynne Naylor, who designed Ivy to be shorter and more cherubic than the other gals in Gotham to give her more of a wood nymph vibe.


...and even cuter when she's angry.

Ivy, along with the rest of Gotham's finest, was re-designed in 1997 for The New Batman Adventures, giving her more of a streamlined, plantlike vibe...

...and occasionally, a sweater.

This same design for Ivy later appeared in an episode of Justice League wherein a lobotomized Miss Isely prunes plants outside an alternate universe version of Arkham Asylum.

'The Batman' brought yet another Poison Ivy redesign in Season 3; Ivy takes on a more art nouveau look ...

...while also being re-imagined as a teenager (and 'fallen' friend of Barbara Gordon.)

Poison Ivy appeared in a few episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
This design takes the best of Batman Animated (curvy classy) while still giving Ivy the plant-enhanced vibe of TNBA with that green pallor. I personally love the flowers in her hair.

Most recently Poison Ivy appeared on Young Justice in episode 14 of Season 1, titled 'Revelation.'

Not my favorite design, those face vines make her look a little creepy; and if Poison Ivy is supposed to be anything, it is sexy, not creepy. Sexy is her schtick after all!


  1. Not a fan of the Young Justice version either.

  2. Interesting.. I had no idea she was in Young Justice. I don't hate the design, it's very in-tune with her New52 look actually, which is decidely creepy (but growing on me every week)

  3. My favorite is the Ivy from "The Batman", her desing is more creative and original. Also I love her hairdo!! She looks insanely cute :D

    Least favorite: The one from Young Justice. I don't like the green lines on her face. She also looks too agressive :(

  4. 1997's design is the best. I don't like the Young Justice design either, but, man I loved that show...