(Tomb) Raiders of the Lost Playmobil

I'm not a particular fan of Lara Croft aka Tomb Raider - no more so than anyone is a fan of a buxom gal with dueling 9mms. I've not seen the movies and I think I only played one game once many years ago.

But the idea of a Playmobil version of Tomb Raider was just something I couldn't pass up. I love when toy companies blur the lines of copyright infringement (ex: Tech Deck), but even if this Playmobil Fi?ure from Series 2 weren't a blatant...ahem...homage to Lara Croft, it's still a dual gun toting badass girl and that alone makes it worth the $2.99 asking price.

"I got yer 'Princess' right here, pal!"

Lara comes with two 9mm handguns, a removable holster (which the guns snap into and stay - nice touch!) and a head-lamp for spelunking adventures.

Silver bullets not included.

Tomb Raider Code:
02812  9921
5158  01


  1. For some reason those soul-less doll faces scare the crap out of me. Truly more horrifying than the Vampire for sure. lol

    1. Hahah careful BDD - they're comin' to get you!

  2. Awesome! They actually haven't changed the fundamental look of the figures since I had a bunch as a kid. Good on 'em!

    1. Yup, which makes a 'modern' character like this one so much more charming!