Poisunday Ivy :: Poison Ivy Illustration by BubbaShelby

I finished my Poison Ivy sketch I posted last Poisunday!

Miss Isley's facial expression is much more lively than in the original sketch, which was necessary since the pose is rather straightforward. The costume design was fun; It was my intention to give it a sexy blooming-flower feel, as if her lingerie were the pedals of a flower being revealed as the leafy outer shell opened in the sunlight. Or something like that. I also like how the bra/panty reveal look like a heart, since Ivy is the fertility goddess type.

Here she is with 'normal' skin tone. Because I tend to prefer my Ivy to be more human. Although the pink trim is a bit washed out in this version:

So I tried red instead of pink:

Which brings us right back around to green skin again:

I like them all. Thoughts?


  1. I don't mind the pale green Ivy. I figure if she has chlorophyll in her system then she would be slightly green.

    Great sketches! Love seeing more Ivy.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yeah, I'm okay with the green skin conceptually, I just prefer normal skintone.

  2. Pale Green works well with the red and the flesh tone with the pink is great Eric. : )

  3. Cool! I really liked the first one best ;)

  4. Took a while for pale green Ivy to grow on me (good one), but I'm liking them all! The last one maybe the most.