Star Wars for baby, Star Wars for daddy

We hit some garage sales Saturday; one in particular advertised on Craigslist that their kid was selling a bunch of his Star Wars toys, so you know we had to hit that one first!

There was a lot of great stuff at great prices, but I'm not as huge into Star Wars as I have been in the past, so I am pretty particular on what I bring home. Luckily I found a gem for both my baby and myself.

For the baby, I found this swell cutesy Speeder Bike with removable Biker Scout:

These are from Hasbro's cute preschool Star Wars toyline (EDIT: the line is called 'Galactic Heroes'; thanks Jason!) I would have preferred a white Biker Scout ala Return of the Jedi to this camouflaged version that came from one of the prequels, but at least it's a Biker Scout. His design is accurate to ROTJ, and so is the bike. I am willing to imagine he was in the original trilogy, we just didn't see him - because he's camouflaged!

And for me:

This original 1979 mini Millenium Falcon! All you old school Star Wars fans know what this one is about!

Best part: only three bucks for the scout on bike and Millennium Falcon together!

I never had this Falcon as a kid, but I believe my cousin did. I had the X-Wing and Tie Fighter from the same line. Neat sturdy and detailed little ships all; the Millennium Falcon here has retractable landing gear, a rotating satellite dish and gun on top and is made of metal and plastic.

Last week the League of Extraordinary Bloggers had a 'Geek Confession' challenge. I couldn't think of anything (so I didn't do a post) until I picked up this Falcon; when I did I remembered that unlike all you cool kids who were into Han and Boba or even Vader etc., I was and always will be a Luke man, rooting for the good guy 'everyman.'

I prefer good over evil, Luke over Han, the X-Wing over the Millenium Falcon. I prefer lighsabers over blasters. In fact, as a kid I never owned one single Han Solo or Millenium Falcon toy. I had more Leias than Hans for Christ's sake! (For the record, I only had one Leia, and it was Boushh disguise Leia. But still...)

That's my geek confession.

And here's my geek-girl baby:



  1. Sweet deal! Always wanted the Falcon and the Death Star as a kid but never came to pass so it is nice to see someone finally getting one who missed out on one the first time. : )

  2. Greta deal for 3 bucks! Those little Star Wars guys are "Galactic Heroes".