Harley Qwednesday :: Harley Quinn and Harlequin!

Last year I asked Jeff of 'Inside Jeff Overturf's Head' to draw me a Harley Quinn cartoon. He obliged, but it took him a while to get around to it (which is totally fine, as an artist myself I probably owe lots of people promised drawings from years past too!)

The delay was perhaps Kismet. For given recent reveals over at DC Comics, Jeff was able to come up with the perfect punchline to his comic which combined Harley Quinn, Harlequin, and of course old Jeffy himself!

Thanks Jeff, now it's my turn to draw your request. I'll try to have it done before 2013! ;)


  1. Thanks for letting me contribute to the annals of "Harley Quensday", Eric! I'm not so hot on deadlines, but when it comes to biding my time for the perfect punchline, I'm one waitin' mofo!

    1. You know what they say about comedy, Jeff; 'Timing is everything!'