Harley Qwednesday :: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Statue by DC Collectibles

Everyone's least favorite Harley Quinn design/characterization is immortalized by DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct) in this statue revealed at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.

I just noticed, she has smashed her classic costume under her hammer. LAME!

pic via Tomopop.com


  1. I like the pose and over all execution of this ,as for the character design I think Harley Quinn's classic look is best.If somebody handed this to me and told me it was an obscure anime character and didn't say anything about Harley Quinn I would have no issues with it at all.

  2. DC needs to stop tinkering with things that aren't broken.

  3. DC is always messing around with things i don't understand why they just don't leave things alone there was nothing wrong with her original costume.

  4. I absolutely hate the way she's grinding up her classic costume! It's such an open attack on loyal fans. Also, that costume 'never existed' in the New 52, did it?

    1. I agree regarding the classic costume! And I think this was her look when the new 52 launched; maybe the blues are a bit...bluer...but I think this is the one she launched the new Suicide Squad in.