Mighty Spector - a bigger rip-off than you originally thought!

I have been out of the Masters Of The Universe Classics loop for a while, but I check in from time to time to see all the mistakes and swapped biceps and such.

Anyways, a few months back they released images of 'The Mighty Spector,' Mattel's own Scott Nietlich's own creation, shoehorned into the line because he can do it (and admit it, so would you if you could!) and I think the figure is already in collector's hands now.

Who cares right? Right. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Oh sorry, you probably had to buy it because you have a subscription. Oops.

Oh well.

But today my daughter is flipping through my DC Encyclopedia and I glance over and see the following image, which includes an Intergang Gasser on the left there:

And here's the Mighty Spector:

Wow that's...similar.

Maybe this has been noticed by others in the past and I'm late to the game. Like I said, I'm not following MOTUC much these days. But it's worth a Toyriffic once-over at least. And hey, you have an Intergang member on your toy shelf, which makes Spector about a billion times cooler now, right?


  1. Wow those two look so close in appearance it's crazy but i still want this figure for the very reason it looks like a old comic book character. He reminds me of something more inline with the Mighty Crusaders which is why i like the character and not up in arms over him.

    1. He definitely has the comic book vibe, which is why it isn't ironic that I found his doppelganger in a comic book! ;)

  2. Wow..just...wow. I knew it. I had a sinking feeling that he wasn't being totally honest about the timeframe this character was developed. There was NO WAY that he designed a common 90's-esque styled character predating the era that style was prominent - at the time that he said he entered the original contest. He has no original drawings proving otherwise.

    I think he probably first imagined Spector as a child, and then in his mid 20's was influenced by the 90's superhero comics and "borrowed" their designs, like Grifter, Gambit, Deadpool, and now this Intergang Gasser seals the deal. Its too much of a coincidence.

    1. 80s, 90s or today, if this is the best MOTU character you can come up with...you need to look into a different line of work ;)

  3. Wow, great find! What a waste of a figure...if I had a MOTU subscription I'd be pissed. It's just a plain buck with some 90s era pouches/belts.

    jboypacman hit the nail on the head, the minute I saw this guy I thought he looked just like a hero from the Archie/Red Circle Mighty Crusaders Universe.