Catwoman Purrrsday :: Hold me closer, tiny Catwoman

UPDATE: The reclusive Chunky B, holed up in a Texas bunker, alone with super expensive dollies, wearing kleenex boxes on his feet, peeing into milk bottles and letting his fingernails grow to extraordinary lengths has been able to solve the mystery of the tiny Catwoman! She is apparently a Brazilian bootleg and was part of a multi-figure set titled 'Bathero.'

Thanks Chunky B! Your contributions to the toy world are sorely missed!

Best I can figure, the mini Catwoman figurine on the right is most likely a cake decoration. EDIT: SEE ABOVE

An exact unarticluated solid plastic reproduction of the Kenner Catwoman action figure from Batman: the Animated Series, this tiny Catwoman is a cheap but cute little representation of everyone's favorite cat burglar.

I say 'cheap' because the figure has a lot of 'flashing' - plastic leftover bits all around the edges where the two molds would have pressed together during production. There are no manufacturer markings on her at all.

The paint application actually isn't bad for a figure of this size and the 'wear' may be due to her age. I don't know her full sordid history to be honest, because I found her at the flea market a few months ago. She may just be a random bootleg, but I doubt it because she isn't as cheap as she could be.

If anyone knows more about this tiny Catwoman (Kitten Girl?) leave a comment and let me know!


  1. That reminds me a lot of a kids meal toy I once had but the color is to dark. Very intriguing

    1. It's definitely not the same as the McDonald's Happy Meal Catwoman (which I have right here and need to blog about soon!) The McD one is larger, has waist and shoulder articulation, and is an entirely different sculpt.