Harley Qwednesday :: The Harley Quinn Sidecar-de-har-har

Shortly after purchasing the Lego Catwoman set I realized you could easily attach a sidecar to it, and set upon the task of building one for my Lego Harley Quinn. I built this thing ages ago but am just now getting it up on the blog.

I designed the 'Harley Quinn Sidecar-de-har-har' with a place to attach her hammer, rocket boosters for independent propulsion, and detachable trailer for Bud and Lou (which is 'back at the drawing board' for streamlining at the moment.)

Harley  is of course very safety conscious, so she's wearing an appropriate helmet for the ride. She also has a seltzer bottle and some TNT because...well..she's crazy.

"Call me 'Thelma' one more time, Harley, and I'm dumping you on the side of the road!"
"Geez Louise..."

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