Holy Diver!

This is the Lego Minifigures Series 8 Diver...slightly modified.

You see, when I first saw that this figure was coming, I thought it would be the perfect minifigure to have double faces, like many do. Lego has a sense of humor, you know! But sadly he only came with a (overly) happy face, which was a little disappointing to my wry sense of humor.

So once again I called upon the power of 'sweaty face' from Series 3's Gorilla Suit Guy to save the day!

Although in Diver's case, this is more likely a small leak than sweat. Or the two mixed...with tears!


Besides the lask of a 'drowning face,' this Diver is a pretty cool minifigure. His helmet is top notch, the glass being the same piece used for Series Five's Sherlock Holmes' magnifying glass, which gives a nice slightly skewed view into the face of death here. He also comes with a sweet harpoon and 'lead shoes' (a real nice touch!) and has painted details on his back as well.

Get him if you can, his helmet is easy to squeeze for (haw haw) and if you have an extra 'sweaty face' then all the better!


  1. Still need to get this one and i love the new face on it. Works perfect.

  2. Awwww....cmon!! I was hoping Ronnie James Dio would be in there!! :)

    1. I was hoping someone would catch the reference ;)

  3. Legos Legos Leeeegos.... Why are you so freaking expensive here in PerĂº??
    But I was lucky: in the early 90s my cousin received a Lego Paradisa playset as a Xmas gift. Years passed and, in mid 2000s, I found that playset forgotten between many others childhood toys of my two cousins. Sooooo I kept the Paradisa for miself (Yeah!) with another treasure:
    A PlaymoSpace space ship with its crew and accesories!!!
    YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

    1. I just love it when other people 'outgrow' their toys - that's when I swoop in!