You have a little something on your (Clay)face...

 No, no...on the other side...
 ...no, the other side...

...aw forget it!

I finally picked up the Imaginext Clayface the other day when I found him for $6.99 at K-Mart. I've seen this guy a few times and passed him up for whatever reason (sometimes it's because I see him at Target where I think he goes for a ridiculous $9.99!) so I'm glad I finally went for it this time, as sightings may or may not decrease as time goes by.

Clayface is fun, he has a hinged maw and hollow interior for all sorts of goody-two-shoes eating fun. He kind of reminds me of the classic Star Wars Rancor in his simple design, hard plastic construction and appetite for other action figures!

He also has a 'mud-mallet' that can be attached and removed from his hand. Otherwise he's pretty basic, but loads of fun and plays well with my 'mudded' Trio Batman.


  1. Love the post title. I always forget about Clayface. I don't know why, he's an awesome Batman villain.

    1. If handled correctly he can be one of the neatest!

  2. I keep wanting to pick this one up but so far i keep passing it up but at some point i will finally break down and get it lol.

  3. We love that Imaginext Clayface!
    They hardly get any Imaginext around here so I ordered it online.

  4. Can you tell me what line that batman is from? He doesn't look like the other Imaginex batman figs.

    1. Hi Donna,

      Batman is from Fisher-Price's 'Trio' toyline: http://www.fisher-price.com/en_us/searchresult.html?N=0&Ntk=Products&Ntx=mode+matchallany&type=keyword&Ntt=trio

      I'm not sure if new Trio toys are still being made, but you can still find a few on the shelves.

      This particular version came with Clayface,and from what I understand can be rather difficult to find now: http://toyriffic.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-name-is-mud.html