Poisunday Ivy :: Art Week - Poison Ivy is teh sex!

This week each of my weekly villainess features (Poisunday Ivy, Harley Qwednesday and Catwoman Purrrsday) will be a new, never before seen anywhere else art piece.

Specifically, they will each be an illustration by the great BubbaShelby himself, aka me, because I found myself up late the other night doodling and came up with a pretty decent representation of each gal ifidosaysomyself.

Kicking it all off, here's Poison Ivy:

Poison Ivy is of course the 'fertility goddess' of Gotham mythology, and therefore it always seems apropos to me to illustrate her in as sexed up a manner as possible. So I went with shiny and voluptuous and bright all that sexy stuff with this one. I also did the original inks with a brush pen, which I rarely use but tend to enjoy the results whenever I do.

Stay tuned this Harley Qwednesday and Catwoman Purrrsday for more!