Like a Killer Moth to the flame

Another toy purchased from Brian at Cool and Collected is this Killer Moth, or Charaxes, from The Batman animated series toyline.

When this toy was originally released I wanted nothing to do with it. I saw it in stores several times and waved my hand and raised my nose at such a, excuse the term, 'monstrosity.'

I was not a fan of the comic book storyline wherein Drury Walker aka Killer Moth traded in his striped stockings and his soul to be transformed into the mutant moth Charaxes. So why would I want a toy that represented exactly that?

But over the years I have softened a bit. It also helps that Brian gave me a smoking deal on all the toys I bought off him, so what's one moth in the box?

And you know what, now that I have this mutant mothball in my posession I actually kind of like him.

The toy's design is straight out of the toon, and he even has a nifty feature wherein you fill him with water (his torso is a soft rubber) and he can squirt water out his...mouth. Like...real...moths? Whatever, it's fun for kids I suppose.

He also comes permanently attached to his base. For one thing, it assures he's stable, so that's kind of cool. For another, it helps with display and assures even this far after his initial release and second hand acquisition status, his base is still around. Good thinking, toy designers!

This guy is ridiculous but I am glad to finally add him to my 'The Batman' villains roster.

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  1. I love the design of all of the characters from the show but i will admit that this my lest favorite of them.

    1. I'm with ya there, but he's a well made toy regardless!

  2. We enjoyed the "Underworld Unleashed" story-lines....