Random Toy Pic(s) :: Takin' out the trash

Just some fun outdoorsy shots (in an actual redwood forest!) of Ewok Wicket W. Warrick and some Empire troop helmets. I could also call this post 'toys at work' because these are toys I have at work, and the pics were shot where I work.

Wicket the Ewok is from Kenner's Power of the Force collection circa 1998. He was released as a two-pack along with Logray, whom I will probably blog about in the future. The helmets are Lego minifigure helmets, which make surprisingly accurate in-scale helmets for this little guy.

I've been getting nostalgic lately for Original Trilogy toys and characters, and have been hankering for Ewoks (see 'where I work' above), when out of nowhere my parents bring me a bunch of stuff from home including Wicket and Logray. These actually were not mine; I had bought them for my sister when they were released but she could care less about such things now, so I am more than happy to welcome these fellows back into the fold!

I imagine Wicket here is taking out the trash in the form of the receptacles that contained the Ewok's celebration dinner. Stupid Empire and their environmentally unfriendly packaging! At least they make a delicious soldier!


  1. Yes awesome photo! I wish I had foliage around me!

  2. Fantastic pics. I'd love to do shots like these with vinatge Star Wars figures.