Imaginext Aquaman Found at Retail

Today I totally happened upon the latest addition to the JLI (Justice League Imaginext) and although I was originally on the fence about getting him, once I saw him in person I could not pass him up; inexplicable yellow boots or not!

I found Aquaman at, of all places, Sears, selling for $6.99!

They also had an all black suit Batman with a personal sub/flippers; the only other new release I saw. This blurb on the back is the only new/unique graphic on A-man's packaging.

Same silly painted on face as most Imaginext figures, but otherwise Aquaman has a bunch of unique sculpted parts. His flowing locks, those scales, and his fins and belt make for an exceptional figure.

Aquaman also comes with a robo shark...
...and trident to skewer this metal minion!

"Yoiks, and AWAY!"

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  1. Am thinking i might be getting this one Eric because am loving the look of this one and that freaking Robot Shark is just epic too me! lol.

    1. Robo shark is pretty damn cool, it's true!

  2. Kinda reminds me of the old Mego Aquaman Vs The Shark set. The Shark was pretty similar to the Shark in the old Jaws game.

    Great pick up.

  3. Mike's interpretation is right on and JBoy is right, the Robo Shark is cool, but I'm not digging the boots.

  4. Weird... I posted a comment a few days ago and its not here.
    Anyway, great find my friend!

    We will have to find it too!