Bot Shot through the heart, and you're to blame...

I finally jumped on the Bot Shots wagon! I've seen them all over the place for a while now and have thought one or two of them might be worth picking up, but I was always able to talk myself out of doing so.

Until I spotted Shockwave:

"Resistance is futile."

Shockwave is a 'Super Bot,' which means he's the chase figure for this wave. So I suppose I was lucky to find him.

Shockwave is also available in a three pack, but this chase version is made of translucent purple plastic, which makes for a neat looking figure/vehicle.

I'm also tempted by the newest Bumblebee in this wave because he has his G1 toy's face, a face I have always preferred over his G1 cartoon face.

This Shockwave is simple but fun. His size and simplicity remind me of the G1 mini-cars. His 'transformation' of course reminds me of Topspin/Twintwist or Runamuck/Runabout, toys I loved as a kid. And like his spring-loaded fore-bearers, he doesn't always land on his feet after transforming.

The game component is probably as fun as Battle Beasts were when we were kids, so I don't begrudge it. Basically, you set your dial, then turn your guy into a vehicle and smash your opponent head-on. Whoever has the higher points or 'gun beats sword' or whatever wins. I guess...I didn't read the instructions.

Shockwave transforms into a nifty little tank, which is certainly appropriate enough.

Small cheap simple Transformers. Just like old times.

I think I'll hunt down that Bumblebee and then we'll just have to see if my Bot Shots collection expands beyond that.


  1. Sweet! Love Shockwave and i have not seen this one yet in my area.

  2. I scored this same Shockwave the other day too. Haven't seen another one since. I'm trying to resist buying them all and just stick w/ the G1 characters. I know this version of Shockwave is modeled after the DOTM movie, but it's just G1 enough for me!

    1. Yeah this one is G1 enough to be a must have. I am also starting to consider getting some of the G1 characters like Jazz and Prowl.