The New Crusaders

I just picked up and read issue one of The New Crusaders this past weekend. It had originally sold out at my LCS on the day it was released, but they were able to quickly get a copy in for me (big shout out to Atlantis Fantasyworld, the best comic shop I have ever had the pleasure to to business with.)

I originally wanted to get into this comic for my ten year old daughter. She loves superhero comic books, but it's hard to find new stuff that isn't either too extreme or too complex for her. Or just too crappy for that matter. I do buy a lot of older comics at the flea market etc that keep her busy, and I admit DC does have a few appropriate titles that she enjoys (Young Justice, Green Lantern Animated, The Superman Family etc.) but like any superhero fan worth their salt, she is always looking for more!

Of course she's a ten year old girl, so she loves Archie comics too, and I follow what they do to be able to get her cool stuff when I hear about it. So when I heard Archie Comics, under the 'Red Circle' brand, were dusting off their Mighty Crusaders for a new generation I figured this was just the thing for daddy and daughter to read together.

And boy was I right. the first issue is an intro issue, but it really ends with a bang! We meet a handful of the 'old guard,' as well as their protege who are set up by fate (or worse) to take over the mantles of their fore-bearers, ready or not...to be lead by original Mighty Crusader (and Captain America predecessor) The Shield!

My daughter read the comic first, and she enjoyed it, asking questions about who would become whom/who used to be whom etc. I enjoyed not knowing all the answers for a change, and had to go to Google for more than a few of them ;)

I read the issue myself and really enjoyed it, more than I expected to in fact. There's real drama that appears quickly, and I can't wait for issue 2 to see the real forming of the new team (in other words, costumes!)

The art is a little more anime influenced than I generally prefer, but it's clean and bold and very well done. There's even a few pages of 'history' in the back, giving the reader a little back story on The Shield and his origins.

I think I am going to really enjoy reading this one along with my daughter, and learning who these new heroes are along the way with her. I recommend fans of superhero comic books that don't talk down to you but also don't feel the need to titillate for titillation's sake to at least check out issue one and see if you don't agree. The issues are available first digitally at RedCircleComics.com but since I and my daughter are reading them together I prefer to wait for print.

Finally: Is it too soon to ask for action figures? I'd love an old Shield, and Fly Girl is just too cute!


  1. Super Dinosaur is a great all ages book too if you haven't checked that out. Funnily enough, it's written by Robert Kirkman who writes The Walking Dead!

    1. I'll have to look into that one as well, Dex. Thanks for the recommendation!

    2. I love it, it has a very '80s Saturday morning vibe to it.

  2. Love all of the original characters as you know Eric so when i get a chance i shall give these a read.