Bride of Frankenstein April :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

"Wait, does this mean I'm marrying Michelangelo?!?!"

Bride of Frankenstein April O'Neil was actually part of the second wave of TMNT/Universal Monsters figures. She's the only one I have from that series, but I hope to someday rectify that issue! Other figures in the series were Invisible Man Michelangelo, Creature from the Black Lagoon Leonardo, and Metaluna Mutant Raphael. Yeah, they hit the bottom of the barrel on that one. Which probably explains why there wasn't a Donatello in the second series. Still, they are all pretty neat looking and I hope to gather them all together someday soon - maybe by next Halloween?

April here doesn't glow in the dark at all, like the series one figures, unfortunately. But she did come with a lot of themed accessories, including a can of 'scare spray' to keep that 'do in check.

She also came with a trading card and she (and/or the series one turtles) all came with a discount coupon to Universal Studios, which I added to the shot for posterity's sake. It expired in 1995.

Interesting that they made her hair black instead of red. Not sure why they went that way, except that maybe a huge red bouffant looked even more ridiculous than she already does.

Thus concludes my collection of TMNT/Universal Monster figures (EDIT: Not true, I was able to procure two of the three I needed, tune in later this month to find out who!)

And tune in tomorrow for more creepy goodness as Countdown to Halloween 2012 trudges on through the fog!


  1. the TMNT/Universal Monsters figures are a gaping hole in my vintage collection which i plan to fill asap! great post!

    1. They are extraordinary - I'm glad I stumbled into them!

  2. WOW! She is BUSTing out of that dress :)

  3. My favorite April next to the "Ninja" version.