Lego Robot Monster :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

One of my favorite ridiculous Sci-Fi B-movie monsters of all time is the Robot Monster. Much like half the Cantina patrons in the original Star Wars, Robot Monster was just some mish-mash of stuff found in the back of a studio's prop closet, thrown together and called a monster, now big as life and coming to a drive-in near you!

And if a 1950s movie maker can cobble such a threat together, so can a guy with a bunch of Legos!

Making this guy in Lego dawned on me when I looked over at my Lego Diver standing near my Lego man in a gorilla suit. Boy, that gorilla suit guy has been one versatile little minifigure! For the antenna, I simply taped two pins to the back of the dive helmet. Simple!

And in case you still don't know who this guy is supposed to be:

Ooga Booga!


  1. Sweet custom Eric i want one now!

    1. All you need is Gorilla suit guy and the Diver to make him! I do want to find a better solution for the antenna though, taping pins to him is impractical.

  2. HA! That's so cool! I really want to watch that movie now. I love campy old, black n' white monster B-Movies!