Harleyween Quinndown 2012 Part 2

Told ya:

"Completed stockings with contrast bands! Those boots need some work"

"Painting one boot red with a sponge so I don't get a bunch of streaks. I do 2 layers of red to make sure it is dense and covered. I leave these to dry in between sewing!"

"I already had a pair of short red gloves that I used and bought a pair of black ones. Made the arms in the same fashion as the stockings but with no contrasting band. Diamonds are a girls best friend! Saving the wrist ruffles for last as I know they will be a pain...."

Looking good, Miss Kiss!

Next week: Shorty shorts!

Last week: Harleyween Quinndown 2012 Part 1

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  1. Sweet! I love when a cosplay outfit comes together.

    1. Indeed. And I can't thank Miss Kiss enough for this peek into the process!