Harley Qwednesday :: Imaginext Harley Quinn in hand!

Unfortunately it isn't my hand - but the hand of the Howard Hughes-esque Chunky B (who clipped his 6" thumbnail before taking this shot:)

So if you ordered your Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman Imaginext sets off Fisher-Price last week after seeing my original post on the subject, you can expect them to arrive any day now...

...unless their website decided not to ship your order, to prevent you access to your online account, and to stop processing your credit card.

Yeah, all that happened to me.

I called Customer Service. Supposedly I will get my order by next week, but with Wonder Woman already listed as 'sold out' on the site I daren't hold my breath for a happy ending.

And if you ordered and haven't gotten yours yet I suggest you do a little investigating yourself.