Harley Qwednesday :: Imaginext Harley Quinn Variants

While waiting for my Imaginext Harley Quinn to arrive I noticed something odd on the pics I've been seeing of 'in hand' examples:

On the left is a Harley Quinn currently listed on eBay (PS don't buy these on eBay - they're still in stock on F-P's website!) and on the right is the one Chunky B has in hand.

Anyways, lighting notwithstanding, the major difference between these two Harley Quinns are her arms and hands - note that in the pic on the left her arms/hands are correctly colored to Harley Quinn's original costume design and on the right (Chunky B's version) the red and black are inverted! This isn't a simple case of mismatched parts either - Chunky B reports that his arms hands are anatomically correct (and so are Harley's HAW HAW!) There are also more examples of each variation on eBay.

So it appears there is a variant out there. Why? Maybe she was 'fixed' early on in production and 'corrected' for the rest of her manufacture run. Or maybe there are just two different versions (possibly from two factories?) It is odd that they made both arms and both hands in both colors, yet did not mismatch the colors (ex: black arm black hand.) which makes me believe that it wasn't an assembly mistake.

I do hope when (IF!) I get mine she is the correct version. Sure, this isn't nearly as ugly a design faux-pas as Aquaman's yellow boots, but it would be nice to have Harley looking right.