Lego Batmobile and Target Holiday Batman

Thanksgiving is over and, if you haven't already been thinking about it since Halloween ended, it is time to start planning for Christmas (or your yuletide holiday of choice.)

Target has swept out the literal and figurative cobwebs of Halloween 2012 and now has their Christmas stuff all bunched up in the corner of their stores, including some great new stocking stuffers:

Up first is Lego set 30161 which is a polybagged mini-kit Batmobile!

Consisting of 45 pieces, this is a cute little Batmobile that sadly does not include a mini-figure.

You will just have to be content with a Batmobile.

And if you aren't content with a small Lego Batmobile that cost you $3.99 you have no soul.

It is interesting that there is no Bat indicia on this vehicle at all. That's rare for such a marketing juggernaut as Batman!

And speaking of marketing juggernaut:

Target has again released a holiday themed Dark Knight Rises Batman (just in time for us all to get the DVD or BluRay for Christmas!)

Like the Halloween Batman, this Holiday or Christmas or Winter Batman comes packaged to theme. Batman appears to be in a snow-globe and although more subtle than the pumpkin bubble of the previous Target exclusive, the look is both effective and fun.

Batman is garbed in his standard Dark Knight Rises costume but is cast in winter camouflage - white plastic with sparkly silver/grey splotches. Batman also sports a white cloth cape. I'll open him up when I start decorating the house for Christmas but until then he remains safely ensconced in his faux snow globe. In the meantime, he's $4.99 at Target and hopefully not too hard to find for those of you interested in this neat Target Exclusive variant!


  1. He looks like he might glow in the dark.

  2. You know, I was wondering if Target was going to do a "holiday" Batman. I guess this answers my question. He reminds me of a Batman Returns figure I used to have. I can't remember the name of the variant though.

  3. I am really digigng that Lego Batmobile, but darn it, I didn't see either of these last night.

  4. I saw these today but passed on them i thought it would been cool if they would of done Batman in Red/Green Christmas colors instead.

  5. Winter Batman? I wasn't expecting Batman to be so covered in white but I guess it's alright. I'm liking that Lego Batmobile. You're right that it could have been better with a mini Batman figure.

    1. Yeah it wouldn't have taken much to throw a Batman in with it!