This Dorke's Horde...Trooper

Okay let's get one thing straight: Skeletor is a badass and Hordak is a ninny. Also, growing up I always considered Hordak and his minions to be girl's toys because they were featured predominantly on the She-Ra cartoon.

But since this Horde Trooper is hard to find, sort of awesome in a Stormtrooper kind of way, and is not a dolly (pants = not removeable) he has earned the right to be featured on Toyriffic.

"I renounce Hordak for the ninny he is and join Team Skeletor!"

Horde Troopers came out near the end of the Masters of the Universe line (he's marked 1985) so they are generally harder to come by than figures released during the line's peak. In fact, before seeing this guy at the flea market, I don't believe I've ever seen one in person.

Therefore I was willing to shell out a whopping five dollars for this guy. That's a lot in flea market dollars!

As with all Masters of the Universe toys, the Horde Trooper has an action feature. As with all Hordak minions, the action feature reflects his uselessness - basically any good guy or door knob hits the center of the Trooper's Horde symbol and poof, he falls apart!

Horde Trooper originally came with a staff (also useless) but mine does not have it.

I do admit I'm a bit jealous that Skeletor's robot minions never made it to plastic while Hordak's junkyard heaps did. But I'm not bitter.