What'chu Tokka 'bout, Willis?

I had a great birthday yesterday and I will get to some of the swag soon. But before I do I still have a few 'older' toys to get through.

I mentioned Tokka in my previous post about his cronie Rahzar. And here he is:

Although Tokka is mostly a repainted Slash (with a new head, new shoulder 'pads,' new belt (buckle only) and new forearm/hands) I really love him. Maybe it's because he's mostly a re-painted Slash, as Slash was and still is my favorite TMNT toy of all time. Tokka even came with the exact same weapons as Slash, fortunately they are black and not nineties neon!

And even though he is a repaint he's a damn good one. All the details of the sculpt pop with the color he's molded in and the shading/details added on.

The new head sculpt is also very movie accurate and has some nice toothy details.

It's amazing Playmates didn't re-purpose more of their parts than they did. Especially when you consider the fact that parts re-purposing is #1 on the Mattel 'How To Make an Action Figure Line' list.

"People let me tell you 'bout my best friend,
He's a warm hearted person who'll love me till the end."

My assistant tried to give Tokka an extra weapon for this shot - bonus points to anyone who can guess who it actually belongs to before it's posted!

Tokka is a great action figure and it's nice that, although 'Secret of the Oooze' was more like 'Suck-fest make you Snooze,' there were at least a couple fun action figures to come from it that fit perfectly into your classic TMNT toy collection.


  1. Happy belated Birthday! I love these two, recently scored them myself. I don't mind Secret of the Ooze, it's goofy fun, plus I lost my mind over super-shredder when I was a kid.


    Hey, at least Secret of the Ooze can say it's better than Part 3, so there's that.

    1. I haven't seen Part 3, and consider myself a better person for it ;)

  3. Didn't the wrestler Kevin Nash play Tokka in the movie?

    1. IMDB says he Kevin Nash played Super Shredder - a neat piece of trivia I did not know!