Catwoman Purrrsday :: Covergirl Catwoman

Just a few great Catwoman comic book covers (or covers featuring Catwoman) through the years:

Balent gets a lot of flack but this is definitely a nice cover.

This is a good Balent cover too, featuring AzBats and, apparently, a young Harrison Ford!

Classic Catwoman. Meowch!

 Cooke's Catwoman is a favorite of mine.

 Catwoman vs. Captain Cold! Brrr!

A little animated Catwoman for good measure!

More classic Catwoman!

Catwoman atop a Starman statue.

Hawkgirl says "This is where you get off!"

I have this issue. Spoiler alert: It isn't the end of the Catwoman.

I remember when this issue came out, and supposedly the numbers on the plaque refer to 'Lost' in some fashion. Anyone recall the reference?

Lone Wolf and Cub homage. Love it!

I LOVE Paul Pope's Batman: Year 100 and his style in general.

I remember when this storyline came out - the Dick Sprang cover art was just wild. Need to re-read it someday!

DC toy manufactureres would make a killing by simply painting Joker smiles on their action figures and re-releasing them. I'd buy them all!

My money is on Lois.

Another Balent cover. When he wasn't drawing boobs the size (and shape and density) of helium balloons, he could sure pull off a nice picture. I like the leafy shadows cast on Catwoman on this one.

Another Pope cover. Love the mood.

I have always been a huge Breyfogle fan. Always loved his 'shadows with eyes' approach to 'shading.'

Two very short lived costume changes.

And we end today with some Hughes...and bleeding gums.



  1. I had a few of those in their original run. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. I got to meet Devon Grayson at a convention once ...a very nice lady... and spoke wiyh her about how her story writing has revived the character of the catwoman