Harley Qwednesday :: DJ Harley Spin

I always enjoy seeing a good alternative take on Harley Quinn, and just discovered a nice one via these cosplay pictures of a DJ named Jackie from WGRD 97.9 in Grand Rapids Michigan:

Of course, like you, I always envision the female DJs I hear on the radio dressed up as Harley Quinn; but it's nice to have reality match fantasy every once in a while.

At least, that's what my Psychologists says.

Jackie puts her own spin on Harley Quinn while still keeping the costume recognizably Quinzel.

Here's what Jackie has to say about her Harley Quinn cosplay via wgrd.com...

"About a month ago I discovered the world of cosplay and I knew I would fit right into this geeky genre of fun! I asked all of you to choose what I should cosplay as for my first attempt and you chose Harley Quinn from the Batman series!
My rag tag group of friends and I got together to create what I think is one bad ass Harley Quinn. Perri Olson, owner of Flashback On Leonard is the BOMB at putting together original costumes! We spent some time going through the store and found some very sweet pieces to make our costume from. Both of us being costume junkies, as well as hard rock, geeky gal pals we came up with an unforgettable Harley Quinn!

I am very lucky to be in an eclectic circle of friends with many talents. One being makeup artistry, I dragged my friend Erick Gerson Rodriquez into this thing too! This guy can make anyone look good, bad, or crazy in like 5 minutes!

We added to our entourage our buddy Jeremiah Rosa. Jeremiah is fairly new to photography but he can shoot a bad ass super villain like no ones business! He does fabulous work and so we were excited to find out his geeky streak is about as long and wide as a geeky streak can be…

Anywho with our powers combined we bring you: CAPTAIN PLANET! Err… I mean HARLEY QUINN- Rock Star Villain!"

I don't know what's on Jackie's playlist as a DJ there at WGRD, but 'Merry Go Round Broke Down' seems apropos.

Great cosplay, Jackie! Here's looking forward to more! (May we suggest Catwoman and Poison Ivy next?)

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