Loco en la cabeza

This is the GoBot Loco, also knows as Machine Robo Steam Robo designation MR-05.

He's pretty Christmasy, with his vintage steam engine look and shiny red trim, and is currently on display with our Christmas decorations.

I'm way too busy to transform him myself however, so I'll go grab an egg-nog and let the Toyriffic Intern take over for a minute...

"I got this, Daddy."

"Okay folks, follow along closely. First, you grip the train like so..."

"...then you unfold his legs like this..."

"...then you turn him over in this fashion..."

"...then you make sure his legs are straight..."

"...you might have to wipe some dust off his face before you pop his arms out...and voila..."

"...you have a nifty robot!"

Thanks intern! Now go eat your oatmeal.

Loco is as simple as GoBots get, but is very effective in both robot and train form. His body is die-cast and his joints are pretty tight for such an old toy, in fact he's in unbelievable condition considering the fact that I found him at the flea market in a pile of Hotwheels and only paid a buck for him.

Helpful hint: look for GoBots in piles of Hotwheels/Matchbox when at flea markets/garage sales etc. They often get piled in by the uninitiated.


  1. I used to have this one, Flitor, Jeeper Creeper and Stacks and i loved them! I want to hunt down some of these again sometime and maybe a Cy-Kill and Baron Von Joy which i never had but wanted in my lost youth. : )

  2. I had a bunch of these as a kid, but I can't remember their names now. I really enjoyed mine, and as a fan of simplicity, I'm starting to miss them again. Thanks to this post, I might have to hit up E-bay after the holidays.