Back in Bat

I previously posted about the Hotwheels version of The Bat, the hideously ugly not-Batwing from The Dark Knight Rises. A surprise entry into the Hotwheels ranks I must admit, as it is neither Hot nor Wheeled.

Well hold on to your love of aesthetics, because Mattel continues to surprise by releasing a Matchbox version in their Sky Busters die-cast aircraft series!

As you can see, this Matchbox Sky Busters version is larger than it's Hotwheels counterpart, and probably closer to a true 1:64 scale. I found my Bat at Kohls and although it is listed at $3.99 it was on sale and I got it for around $1.50. (I don't think it's humanly possible to pay sticker price at Kohls. Their entire business model is jacking up prices so they can have a 'sale' every single flippin' day. Their price signs are digital, for heaven's sake!)

I've seen Sky Busters at Toys R Us and Target and they are probably available most anywhere Matchbox are sold.

Part of the 2012 Undercover Series, The Bat is just an odd inclusion into any sub-set that isn't Batman specific. But as ugly as it is, it is kind of fun to swoosh around the room and I know any kid (or adult) into aircraft and Batman would love to have it in their collection.

As you can see, the Matchbox Bat is quite a bit larger than the Hotwheels Bat. There are a few differences in sculpt as well, meaning this isn't just a larger scale of the same exact toy.

The positioning of the rear tailfins is the most obvious difference in physical design. Sky Buster Bat is also painted in a flat black while Hotwheels Bat is shiny. Matchbox wins for movie accuracy there.

The engine thingys up front are a little stubbier on Matchbox's Bat too.

It wasn't until I looked closely at Matchbox Bat underneath that I noticed both versions have the propellers sculpted into the undercarriage details. That's pretty neat!

If I could only have one, I'd say the Matchbox Sky Busters Bat is the better Bat. They're both Bat-Ugly but definitely fun, unique vehicles and a must have in any Bat vehicle collection!


  1. How cool is this! A Bat from both lines!

  2. Two Bats are better than one. Hope the auto pilot works on at least one of them.

  3. I finally found the Hot wheels bat at Walmart Friday night. I'm am glad I stumbled across this one first, because it saved me that dollar.
    My favorite design aspect of 'The Bat' is the big lobster tail on the back. I would definitely like it if Matchbox through some batwings into their skybusters line, as the bat is incredibly ugly. Nevertheless, it's cheap and has to do with Batman, so it's a must-own for me.

    1. dang it, I really need to read my posts before submitting them. I would like it if Matchbox "threw" some batwings into their line.