Random Christmas Pic (and overdue review!) :: Santa Kalibaklaus

"Merry Christmas, filthy Earth worms!"

One of the few DCUC 'Collect and Connect' figures I was actually able to complete is the second favorite son of Darkseid Kalibak the Cruel! I have been reading Kirby's New Gods lately and my love of all things Kirby has been re-ignited, so I dug out my Kalibak and realized that I have yet to review him on Toyriffic! Crazy but true!

I'm so far away from DC Universe Classics now that I honestly can't remember which wave Kalibak appeared in as the 'Collect and Connect' figure...checking Google...ahh, it appears he was part of wave 6 which included black suit and mullet Superman, Mister Miracle, Hawkman, Killer Moth, and Captain Marvel. That was a nice wave, and explains why I wanted them all to complete Kalibak. But truth be told, I would have completed a whole lot of waves had Mattel had any inkling on how to distribute these things...but I digress. The only other DCUC Collect and Connect figures I was able to complete are Metamorpho and Gorilla Grodd, so owning Kalibak is somewhat of an accomplishment. 

Kalibak is a massive figure and a great likeness of Orion's half-brother. When I dug him out of the box he was stored in I forgot to grab his Beta Club, so I'll have to go back for that soon. In the meantime Kalibak is going to serve as a Santa stand-in at home because he's awesome, as are pretty much all things Kirby.


  1. This brute looks great Eric! And love the little Santa hat on him too.