Be mine, Kreon-tine

The Transformers Kreon blind bag microchanger minifigures are back!

We first saw these blind bagged Transformers Kreons last year in the preview series, and  now the first official full series, known as Collection 1, is showing up at retail.

I found them at Target, in the holiday promotional section with all their Valentines Day stuff. I used the 'squeeze method' to determine the coneheaded seeker Dirge, my most wanted, and decided to just try my luck on a second to see what I got. I ended up with the Constructicon Hook, which is pretty cool.

I didn't have it with me at the time, but as with the preview wave there is a code to decipher which Kreon is which. Check out the last two numbers of the code at the top back of the bag to figure out what you are getting:

22981 40 - Singe (Turbomaster Scorch)
22981 41 - Inferno
22981 42 - Autobot Springer
22981 43 - Warpath
22981 44 - Quickslinger (Slingshot)
22981 45 - Rampage
22981 46 - Insecticon
22981 47 - Blast Off
22981 48 - Decepticon Hook
22981 49 - Dirge
22981 50 - Airachnid
22981 51 - Decepticon Bludgeon

I'll post pics of the minifigures later (probably after I go back and try to get my last couple must-haves!), but for now I wanted to be sure everyone had their cheat sheets ready to go!