Catwoman Purrrsday :: Catwoman and the Batmobile

Sensing a theme this week?

Here's a great looking classic Catwoman cosplay along with, yup, you guessed it - the Batmobile!

Listen to that engine purr!


  1. Speaking of the best batmobile ever, keep your eyes out for a better painted version of the 1966 hotwheels batmobile. I found one (and sadly, only one) at walmart tonight. They have added red pinstriping to the hood and trunk, and some gray lines to show off the lines of the car's body a little more. Even better, the plastic canopy is just clear plastic, not blue.

    1. I've been on the lookout but have yet to see it in person. Glad to hear it's out there!

  2. I think that she is supposed to be Batgirl, not Catwoman.


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