New TMNT Toddler Turtles coming in 2013!

Almost as if last week's post about the 2004 Toddler Turtles was some sort of premonition, the 2013 Hong Kong Toy Fair just revealed a NEW set of Toddler Turtles coming from Playmates THIS YEAR as part of their Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toyline.

Other anticipated figures coming this year include Leatherhead, Baxter Stockman, and Snakeweed among others; and some unexpected coming-sooners include a set of comic accurate mouser robots and a mutant roach ala Scumbug named, appropriately, 'Chong.'  Those and more new upcoming figure pics can be seen at ToyNewsInternational.

Sadly, unlike in 2004 when you could get all four Toddler Turtles in one set (for the price of one figure) in 2013 you'll have to buy two sets to get all the brothers! At least they appear to be different sculpts, instead of just being re-colored like in '04, so there's that added value. Either way, I'm getting them all, and when I do I'm keeping a close eye on Mikey!

Pic credit via Atamaii.tv