LOEB :: Cowboys

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers theme this week is a vague one, so my response is equally vague.

The assignment: Cowboys.

My response:

Do you see it? No, not those Space: 1999 or Buck Rogers (EDIT: The green one is a Flash Gordon starship made by Tootsie Toys - thanks Brian! And the silver one is Thunderbird-1 from The Thunderbirds, but manufacturer is still unknown - thanks CB!) or whatever vehicles on the left, not my sister waiting impatiently for a piece of cake or my pals Wayne and his brother Justin who's subconsciously mimicking my epic candle blow-out skills.

It's not even that sweet-ass Tweety Bird cake I'm talkin' about.

I'm talkin' bout this:
At first I thought that was Tonto's horse Scout hiding behind that massive '5' shaped cactus. But this picture was taken in 1979, and those Gabriel toys didn't come out until 80 or 81. I remember owning Tonto from that series but don't recall ever owning a horse. Further research led me to a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid toyline from Kenner that was around in 1979. Could this be a horse from that line? Who has the markings of Scout?!?! I have no memories of this horse!

Maybe some mysterious masked man can ride in and solve this mystery for us!

UPDATE: I think I solved it myself: Legends of the West by Empire.

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