Lego Series 9 Plus Bump Codes

Lego Minifigures Series 9 are hitting stores now! I found mine at Toys R Us, where they only had one box but fortunately it was full enough that I was able to find all my minifigure 'must-haves' for this wave: Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Chicken Suit Guy, Cyclops and the awesome Roller Derby Girl!

I found them all via the tried and true 'squeeze method.' I don't usually bother with bump codes, the little almost invisible dots on the bottom backs of the packages. I find the 'squeeze method' to be perfectly accurate every time I need to know what I'm getting beforehand.

But I know many out there are embarrassed to cop a feel on their minifigure packaging while in store and do prefer the 'bump code' method. I can't speak to it's accuracy as I have never used it myself, but as a public service I decided to post the codes for the Series 9 Minifigures I acquired. I darkened the bumps with a sharpie so you can see them better in the photographs:



Derby Girl.

Chicken Suit Guy.

Again, I prefer the squeeze method and can attest to it's accuracy, but you have to be patient and know what you are squeezing for:

Cyclops: Feel for the large head (confirm by feeling the horn on top) and confirm/feel for the spiky club.

Jekyll/Hyde: Feel for the tophat and confirm by feeling for the vial.

Derby Girl: Feel for those tiny skates and confirm by feeling the smooth helmet (haha dirty!)

Chicken Suit Guy: Feel for the chicken head (the beak is a giveaway but don't confuse it with the Cyclops horn!) and confirm by feeling for those unique wings/arms.

Good luck!


  1. I find the sharpie mark the best method (not on the black packs tho). I would grab say 10 mark em up at the store and start seeing all the differences. Sharpie wipes off too. Also that number code is important, to make sure that matches on all of them cause they do change a bit, from my times.

  2. Awesome post! I put one up yesterday on my blog. I got the cop, the senator, and the sace suit dude. I deaf want the ones you got! Is it ok if 31 year feels up toys at the store? Lol

  3. I went out to test these dot patterns and scored doc jackal, the cyclops, and the chicken guy! I never knew about these dot patterns. Big thanks on saving me some dough! Ill be posting pics on my blog in a bit and giving you a BIG shout out!

  4. Wow! You've got them.
    Theya rent even out here yet.
    Can't wait.

    We squeeze the bags... never understood how the bump thing works.

  5. Going to try these out right meow, Thanks again!

  6. Wow...went to the store for the chicken guy and the bump dot method worked perfectly. Thanks a million!!!