Lego Series 9 Plus Bump Codes

Lego Minifigures Series 9 are hitting stores now! I found mine at Toys R Us, where they only had one box but fortunately it was full enough that I was able to find all my minifigure 'must-haves' for this wave: Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Chicken Suit Guy, Cyclops and the awesome Roller Derby Girl!

I found them all via the tried and true 'squeeze method.' I don't usually bother with bump codes, the little almost invisible dots on the bottom backs of the packages. I find the 'squeeze method' to be perfectly accurate every time I need to know what I'm getting beforehand.

But I know many out there are embarrassed to cop a feel on their minifigure packaging while in store and do prefer the 'bump code' method. I can't speak to it's accuracy as I have never used it myself, but as a public service I decided to post the codes for the Series 9 Minifigures I acquired. I darkened the bumps with a sharpie so you can see them better in the photographs:



Derby Girl.

Chicken Suit Guy.

Again, I prefer the squeeze method and can attest to it's accuracy, but you have to be patient and know what you are squeezing for:

Cyclops: Feel for the large head (confirm by feeling the horn on top) and confirm/feel for the spiky club.

Jekyll/Hyde: Feel for the tophat and confirm by feeling for the vial.

Derby Girl: Feel for those tiny skates and confirm by feeling the smooth helmet (haha dirty!)

Chicken Suit Guy: Feel for the chicken head (the beak is a giveaway but don't confuse it with the Cyclops horn!) and confirm by feeling for those unique wings/arms.

Good luck!