Zero, my Hero

As I mentioned Saturday, the whole reason I bought the clearance priced SLUG Zombie Series 3 12 pack was for Double-Barrel Carol. But I have to admit, I would have bought her in her original three pack long ago had she been packaged with just one other zombie that I wanted bad enough to pay full price for. (I just couldn't see myself spending full price for one of three figures I wanted.) I don't recall who she did come with, but I know it wasn't Zero Hero, because he is the undead zombie I wanted most of all!

What can I say? 'Zero Hero' is a zombie Superman, or maybe a Bizarro. Either way, he fits right in with my superhero fetish. Now if they would only make a SLUG zombie version of Batman, my little green zombie apocalyptic world will be complete.

Great sculpt, great details, great superhero zombie...Great Cesar's Ghost!

I'm glad I was able to get two personally sought after characters in one clearance priced set, since I really don't collect these...yet. And it's especially nice to have a hero and villain figurine to compliment each other on my desk at work. All the other zombie figures (and the one other 'normal' this 12 pack came with) make good fodder for the ultimate showdown of Velma and Superman...I mean Carol and Zero!

Which would make another great movie. I've got a million of 'em!


  1. I bought the first two series based on bloggers love for them...But I really do not do figures like this.

    1. I hate when something is so appealing you are compelled to collect it even though you don't 'collect' it!

  2. A Batman SLUG Zombie? I bet it could happen.