SLUG Zombies Velma Dinkley...I mean 'Double-Barrel Carol.'

I haven't been collecting Jakks Pacific's SLUG Zombie minifigures, but I have to admit that they are pretty neat looking. What appeals to me the most as a non/casual collector who generally just looks at them on the toy store shelves are the 'inspired by' figures. They've done everyone from Superman (or should I say 'Bizarro?') to Elvis to Abraham Lincoln to Moe Howard; and the 'normals' or 'Zombie Hunters' are often based on pop culture zombie hunters like Sheriff Rick and Shaun of the Dead, or simply mere pop culture icons like Chuck Norris and Crocodile Dundee (neither of whom fought zombies to my knowledge.)

While perusing the sets at stores and on various blogs, one figure caught my eye in particular: Double-Barrel Carol. She's just awesomely geeky cute, but I had no idea who she was 'supposed' to be so I passed, but always looked over the sets that contained her whenever I was in stores.

Target currently has all their SLUG Zombies sets on clearance, and I was lucky enough to find the Series 3 12 figure set that Carol is part of for $4.98 and could pass no longer, especially since I only recently discovered over at That Figures who Double-Barrel Carol's inspiration is:

Velma Dinkley! This piece of Scooby Doo fan art by Travis Pitts has made the internet rounds for a while now. Double-Barrel Carol is so close to this Velma (while being nothing like any other zombie hunter of pop culture fame) that she simply must have been inspired by this piece. Which makes her even more awesome than without a reference source, if that's at all possible!

While not an exact duplicate, the translation is close enough for me to imagine Velma fighting off the rest of my 12 pack Zombie horde, and that's worth every penny of the $4.98 I spent for these guys. Not to mention the fact that I just wrote the synopsis to what would be the greatest film of all time. Make it happen, Hollywood!


Now to find an in scale Scooby Doo figurine!