Random Toy Pic :: I love the smell of kibble in the morning...

Cue 'Ride of the Valkyries'

I pick up classic Fisher-Price Little People and accessories for my daughter from the flea market whenever I find them cheap and in good condition.The Helicopter and Dog came from two separate trips, but each cost me a quarter. The Dog has a yellow collar so I felt he matched the helicopter nicely and makes for a good pilot.


  1. Nice! I've got that helicopter somewhere in storage. Probably the dog too, but not sure. I had so much fun with the fisher price little people, especially the play sets.

  2. Love that little Dog! I used to have him pal around with the Cowboy/Farmer and Blonde gal I had of these as a kid.

  3. Seems like everyone is on a little people kick lately. I have never seen one in Mexico.