Iron Man 3 Swag!

I just won a pile of Iron Man 3 swag from ActionFigurePics.com!

A helmet, a shooting hand thingy, two action figures and two Micro Muggs!

My intern is impressed!

The helmet fires missiles from the side. Looks like I'll be Iron Man for Halloween this year!

These Assemblers are pretty neat with their interchangeable parts. I'll be opening them up and looking at them more closely soon.

I got the Mark 42 and War Machine.

The Micro Muggs are blind packed, I ended up with Maskless Iron Man and Ironless Iron Man, aka Tony Stark. Fun!

'I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. BubbaShelby.'

'I said CLOSE-UP!'

Interns...you get what you pay for!

Thanks to AFP for this fun Iron Man 3 prize package!


  1. Congrats!I've been wanting to see how those IM3 figs look assembled.Very cool stuff!