Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I've yet to give proper thanks where it's due to those who helped me put together the whole Playmates Nickelodeon team...

The only one I purchased on my own is Raphael - I received Mikey and Don from Shawn of Branded in the 80s as part of the Halloween exchange, and I received Leo from my Secret Santa as part of the Christmas toy bloggers exchange (and I don't know whom that was to thank specifically!)

Thanks guys!

These Turtles are of course excellent toys for both die-hard collectors and kids alike. But you've all read reviews of them a million times by now I'm sure, so here are some more pretty pictures.

I gave Don a staff from one of the original series action figures since his current one is a bit on the short side.


Michaelangelo! (or is it Michelangelo now?)

And of course my personal favorite, Raphael.

I'm glad I have all four brothers, and thanks again to you two out there who helped me get the 'band' together. Toy bloggers rock!