Harley Qwednesday :: Custom Playmobil Dee Dee Twins (A Work in Progress)

Ever since I purchased two Playmobil Fi?ures Series 2 Geishas with the intention of making a Harley Quinn Playmobil custom, I've harbored the true intention of using the white faced head pieces to make the Dee Dee twins of Batman Beyond fame (which is why I bought two in the first place.) However, finding the right hair pieces has been a greater challenge than I anticipated, until the other day when I was able to find two Series 3 Scarecrows which have the perfect red mop tops!

I don't currently have two exactly matching bodies to add the heads to, nor white hats to complete the Dee Dee look, but those components won't be too hard to come up with (or fake) eventually. Especially the hats, which there have been many different ones to choose from released in the history of the Playmobil 'klicky.'

Having the white heads and red hair pieces was the first key to getting the concept off the ground to begin with, and now that Toys R Us are releasing Playmobil Fi?ures Series 3 in full force (ironically at the same time Series 4 is supposed to be hitting stores!) finding those silly Scarecrows (and their hair) finally became a reality.

In the meantime I've used a Series 2 cheerleader body and a Series 2 ballerina body to complete the twins: We'll just have to imagine that the Dee Dees are attacking some sort of High School function or something.

I had originally been using the cheerleader body for my Cheerleader Harley custom. Since I had merely added electrical tape accents to the figure, it was an easy switch back to square one: I had intentionally avoided any 'permanent' alterations specifically because I knew I'd later need a clean slate to make a Dee Dee. Well, that's not entirely true. I did write 'HA!' on her Harley ass in sharpie, but that works for Dee Dee too (in fact, I may add another 'HA!' to the other Dee's bum) so I'm ok with that little permanent alteration.

I eventually want to either paint the body pieces to match Dee Dee's cartoon look, or to find reasonable facsimiles within the Fi?ures line-up. The latter being the preferred method, since the whole point of the Playmobil Fi?ures is customization. But if more detailed custom work is required, these bodies will serve as the perfect templates.

I'll also need to add red cheeks, but that will be easy to do.

I think my next step will be to track down two white hats. Until then, my Dee Dee twins are off to a great start!

And as cool as the Geisha faces were for Harley Quinn, I was also able to find a Series 3 Lady GaGa figure, which is sporting a domino mask! The perfect replacement head for my Arkham City Harley Quinn custom! It also gives me the idea to make a Robin custom, or perhaps a Lone Ranger. Hmmm....

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  1. Now this will be a cool project to see once the two are all done Eric. : )