Harley Qwednesday :: Playmobil Cheerleader Harley Quinn

In addition to my customized Playmobil Arkham City Harley Quinn, I had quickly cobbled together a Playmobil Cheerleader Harley Quinn; which was simply a head and hair swap onto the Playmobil Cheerleader body.

Cute, but too simplistic.

So I decided to add a couple details:

The diamonds and domino mask were made by simply cutting some bits of electrical tape. Easy on, easy off (just in case I decide to revert back to a different Harley style, or reuse the parts for something else in the future.)

In addition, I used one bare arm and the lower torso/legs portion of the Playmobil Ballerina to change the design up a bit. The Ballerina and Cheerleader have a unique body type that is not  compatible with the rest of the Playmobil Fi?ures.

But it affords them the opportunity to have little skirts. So there's your tradeoff.

"Ra Ra Ree,
Ra Ra Run.
Look out Batsy..."

"...cuz I've got a GUN!"

"And I got sumthin' for you too, Robin. A message from Mr. J..."

"...'Eat my shorts!' HA!"


  1. OmigoshOhmigoshOmigoshOhmigoshOmigoshOhmigoshOmigoshOhmigosh

    She is amazing!! Love her mask and her panties :D :D :D

    1. Thanks Yellina! The best part is that if you can find the right Playmobil Fi?ures (Cheerleader, Geisha and Gretel - all from Series 2) you too can make this custom!

  2. Another great custom figure from Bubba!