Mad Max Custom Lego Minifigures

I got it in my craw to build myself a Mad Max minifigure today. These are the types of things that pop into my head during 'normal business hours' that then drive me crazy through the rest of the day until I get the personal time to get to it.

I don't yet have his dog, nor have I built 'The last of the Interceptors.' And I'm not sure if I will, because I don't think I have enough black pieces to give the Australian Falcon a fair shake. But at least I have a halfway decent Max, made up of random minifigure parts I have lying around. Fortunately I was able to give him a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun from BrickArms which I've had for a while, because when I think of sawed-off shotguns, I think of Max.

The idea to make a Mad Max actually started when I found this odd medievel torture helmet in the living room the other day. Toyriffic's intern had taken it from her brother's room and it had made it's way into the carpet. Not sure what figure or set it originally came from (he thinks it was an Atlantis set maybe), but it reminded me immediately of the big mentally challenged Thunderdome gladiator with a midget on his back. Even though I haven't seen 'Beyond Thunderdome' in over twenty years. That's how my brain works.

This guy is made from the Tarzan minifigure's head and torso, some random legs and that unidentified helmet.

Now all I need is the midget.

With a new Mad Max movie looming and the potential marketing behind it, I'm sure we WON'T see any Lego Mad Max sets. but if we could get some decent Mad Max die-cast vehicles, I'll be happy. I need a 1:64 Interceptor, stat!


  1. These are great Eric! And shows you can make just about anything with Legos.

  2. Cool, it's Blaster!

    1. Oh yeah - 'Master Blaster' - I had forgotten that! I'm working on 'Master' now. Stay tuned!

  3. Man that's great. I thought it was a repaint, but that's just a regular police officer chest piece isn't it?

    How did you go about switching the arms? Do they just pop out?

    1. Thanks Chris!

      Yup, just a 'kit-bash' of pre-existing pieces. Not sure what minifigure the head is from. We have so many!

      The arms pop out easy enough, you just have to be careful to apply even pressure, or you can crack them.